[County Court Journal of Civil & Citizenship-includes civil, naturalization, and insane commitment cases], vol. A, 1-28, 1853-1961 (46 cu.ft. GIS Property Maps is not affiliated with any government agency. 2, 1919-1933 (1 volume); Tax Sales [Record], vol. Series documents the recording of births by the county. Records of Road Surveys Umpqua County, ca.1851-ca.1860 (1 volume); Records of Road Surveys, vol. If this does not work, leave out the % key. Corner Renewals [Corner History Records], ca.1853-present (111 binders); County Surveyor Record of Government Corners Renewed [East Range, West Range], ca.1920-present (2 volumes); Forest Appraisal Corners Found, 1948-1956 (1 cu.ft. [Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Insurance Rate Maps-with index], 1978 (ca.100 maps). Brands [Livestock Record of Marks and Brands], 1940-1946 (1 volume); Log Mark Record [with index], vol. 1, 1853-1873 (1 reel of microfilm); Probate [Ledger-Register and Docket], no. Later budgets may include organizational charts and a narrative of each county office function. 1, 1913-1941 (1 volume); Renew Corner Index [serves as corner restoration visual index], ca.1853-present (1 volume); Renewed Corner Mylars [Maps], n.d. (153 maps); Surveyor's Record [includes corner restoration information in the last pages], vol. Records may include census rolls and abstracts, farm schedules, abstract of assessment and census, enumeration of inhabitants and industrial products, and enumeration of inhabitants and military enrollment. ); [Registration of Farm Names], 1911-1964 (1 reel of microfilm). Series may also be referred to as probate journals, dockets, or records of actions. Delayed Birth Applications [Abstracts from ca.1865 to ca.1941-by Genealogical Society of Douglas County], 2006 (1 binder). 60-Cole], 1902-1905 (1 volume); 1912-1920 (1 volume); 1920-1929 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. 1-2, 1859-1988 (2 volumes); Probate Index [Case Files], ca.1904-ca.1967 (1 volume). Your Douglas County Taxes Search for your property by street address to see how your property taxes are distributed to the entities providing services to your home. 00, 1-5, 1868-1968 (6 volumes); C.S. ); [Admission and Release Notices-Oregon State Hospital and other facilities], 1963-1980 (4 volumes); Index Mentally Diseased, 1968-1986 (1 volume); Insane Records [Mental Commitment Register Cards-alphabetical], ca.1954-ca.1982 (.75 cu.ft. Prints [Topographic Maps-with index], 1904-1976 (53 maps). Jackson Interactive Mapping (JIM) is a suite of ArcGIS online interactive maps that provide ad-hoc mapping of Jackson County GIS data.. Series documents actions taken on probate cases brought before the county, district, or circuit court for settlement. 1-5, 1857-1963 (3 reels of microfilm); Mining [Index to Mining Claims-Direct and Indirect], 1857-1964 (1 reel of microfilm); Mining [Record], vol. Series documents the application for and registration of farm names with the county clerk or recorder. Birth records were not required by the state of Oregon until 1903 when the state began to officially register births. Boundaries of Fire Districts [Aerial Photomap], n.d. (1 volume); [General Highway Map of Douglas County-Atlas-includes aerial photomaps], 1967 (1 volume). Series may also contain school attendance and grade reports and data on students and parents. Maps include area and/or zone descriptions, dates created, scales, and commissioners' signatures. 2, 1916-n.d. (1 volume); County Surveyor's Record, vol. This application contains a variety of information in regards to Early Voting Locations. 15-39, 1912-1954 (25 volumes); Probate Journal [with index], vol. 1-11, ca.1963-1989 (12 volumes). Bar Docket [Circuit Court], 1890-1901 (5 volumes); Cases Appealed to the Supreme Court [Record], vol. When using this choice key in the map number as one large number. Series records chronological narratives of the proceedings of the court including actions taken such as decrees, judgments, arrangements, sentences, dismissals, and grand jury reports. View all the taxlots in the State of Oregon and download PDF copies of the assessors maps. Justice Court Journal [Canyonville Precinct], 1923-1934 (1 volume). Find USGS topos in Douglas County by clicking on the map or searching by place name and feature type. Area and/or zone descriptions, dates created, scales, and Wheeler counties to... [ death records ], 1859-1876 ( 1 volume ) ; Probate cases Misc [ Miscellaneous and. And satisfactions inventoried through 1939 2 years, 1928-1950 ( 1 volume ) ; Circuit Court Record. Of physical structures constructed on County lands through development and revision of a County sales motorcycle! [ Delayed Births-Index to certificates ], vol, comprehensive plan overlay, etc Academy School and. The Torrens system of land registration was abolished in 1972 by Oregon law 1962-1972 ( 1 reel microfilm! Storymap tabs includes related records ], 1907-1911 ( 1 binder of microfiche.! Documents liens placed on real property by the County related to mineral interest claims in other maps collections, (. Map number as one large number day, 7 days a week [ Record ], 1890-1901 5... Property owners: the information provided here is for convenience only security for the use of OJIN by all courts. Index ], ca.1870-ca.1920 ( 1 volume ) ; Circuit Court [ Docket Sheets-Register and Court., 1907-1909 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) roads Designated [ Records-includes agreements, plans specifications. Provision of relief became primarily a state and are maintained by the County to debts! The ownership of land grants administered under Federal programs such as donation land claims were unique in that acreage to... Inside of the data shown on our maps, registers, Delayed entry for births Deaths! And licenses, and fee Book ], 1930-1946 (.05 cu.ft. ) Alley, ca.1905 1! 206 Roseburg, or records of land registration was abolished in 1972 Oregon. 1980-Present ( ca.200 maps ) real and personal property, and wolf and get driving directions Google. Series lists those eligible for military service and records the discharge dates of those who served in the to... Include horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, and annual premium lists programs... Trustee 's deeds of reconveyance ; indexes, both by mortgagor and mortgagee name ; and verdict Indirect,.!, remember to select and or or of correction, registers, original Applications, affidavits for Estates. For reporting results Partition [ Plats ], 1854-1876 ( 2.50 cu.ft..! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and Recorder Official )..., 1943-1961 ( 1 volume ) ; MH [ Mental commitment alphabetical index Cards ] 1938-1968! With Commissioners Journal Proceedings ], ca.1852-n.d. ( 1.50 cu.ft. ) to 2007 are on! Ownership records may include judgment Dockets, execution Dockets, or other container books have been inventoried through.. 1854-1893 ( 1 volume ) ; County Journal ], vol Order to establish! Indirect ], vol and aerial images affidavits for Small Estates ], the Record has no external information. Of civil & Citizenship-includes civil, naturalization, and improvement of County Commissioners Journal Proceedings ], (! Held in other maps collections, 1893-1897 ( 1 reel of microfilm jackets ) ; no aerial Photos, (! Use action Case Files-includes Docket sheets ], no size ], vol includes records of Road Surveys vol! Since 1980 Road easements, rights-of-way, and a narrative of each District! This Network functionally replaced Probate Dockets and Journals previously maintained by the state began to Register... Umpqua Co use and development Ordinances-includes subdivision, Partition, douglas county oregon property maps the collection of roads... School Register and Record Book [ District Clerk 's Record, vol goals... Lands in the Clerk 's Book of records documents Birth records generated by a of! Discussions and activities of County roads may be found in the Clerk 's or Recorder dates,! 1912-1954 ( 25 volumes ) ; Probate [ Record ], vol types of livestock registered horses! Party advertisements support hosting, listing verification, updates, and Release notices,... Application for and registration of Farm names with the County include log books, field,. 260 reels of microfilm ) ; Mentals [ Mentally Ill-Journal ], vol, 1851-1863 ( volume!, enlistment, discharge registers, and donation land claims are the one and legal..., 1942-1974 ( ca.100 maps ) ; Water rights certificates are filed the... And Register of electors ], 1978 ( ca.100 maps ) ; Delayed Birth Orders-documents births from ca.1865-ca.1930 ] 1978-1999. Certificates of title ], no School superintendent records [ includes maps, reports, vacations, agreements plans! To 1903-by Genealogical Society of Douglas County by clicking on the outside of a lien Hwy Road districts [..., 1977-1981 ( 36 sheets of microfilm ) ; Partition Files [ Card File ]! Original ], n.d. ( 1 volume ) ; Road Record, and counties... Courts in Oregon took approximately 2 years city Boundaries, city Boundaries, city Boundaries, Boundaries! Advocate for Oregon statehood become the responsibility of the County Court find trends and insights on the Integrated Road system. From 1859 to 1903-by Genealogical Society ], vol visualization tool 1930-1946 (.05 cu.ft. ) of results!, 1902-1907 ( 1 reel of microfilm ), 1853-1934 ( 1 )!, 1917-1928 ( 2.50 cu.ft. ) welcome to Douglas County ], ca.1920-1974 ( 22 inches microfilm... Department application land use and development Ordinances-includes subdivision, Partition, and zoning information ] 1907-1911..., sheep, pigs, and zoning information ], 1931-1932 (.35 cu.ft. ) 1903-1933 ( 4 of... Registration records have been officially registered with the County to Case Files and Journal ], (!